Dr. Jessica Parenti, Owner/Director, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. Educational Psychology

“I received my doctorate in Educational Psychology and have worked in preschools as a psychologist for over 8 years.  I am excited for the opportunity to take my knowledge and experience and integrate it into this school.  I am passionate about high quality early education and believe that it is critical to the foundation of a child’s educational experience. Early success and positive educational experiences create the momentum for future success.  I want parents who enroll their children in our program to know that we are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where their children will not only learn academic and life skills, but also develop a love for learning, form friendships, and develop social skills that will help them navigate through life.  I want students who attend our program to feel secure in their environment, to be excited for new learning experiences, to gain self-confidence, and to have fun at school.”

Mrs. Megan, Assistant Director, B.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences

“I earned a degree in Family and Consumer Studies from the University of Utah 6 years ago. Since then I have strived to make it a priority to nurture the emotional and educational development of those children around me. My hope is to create an environment where children feel safe, loved, and are given the tools to reach their highest potential. Since becoming a mother, I know how important it is to feel like your child is in a trustworthy environment in your absence. I place a high value on making sure the parents and guardians never have to worry about their children when they are at the school. It is so important to educate kids and teach them life skills so they can be successful throughout their lives.”

Lead Montessori Teachers

Mrs. Gail, Lead Teacher, Pre-K/K Level, World Montessori

“I have been teaching for 25 years, and started with Willow Creek Montessori 13 years ago.  In my classroom my children learn respect for one another and how to problem solve peacefully.  My classroom is a happy and positive environment which creates in the children a love for learning.  I love my work and the children.”

Mrs. Mary, Lead Teacher, Pre-K/K Level, International Montessori Teaching Diploma, Masters in Science

“I enjoy working with children who are eager to learn with their knowledge absorbent minds and bodies and self-motivation for reading practices.  As parents of three daughters, my husband and I have been involved closely in their education.  Once we learned about the genius and innovation of the Montessori style, we had all my daughters go through this method of learning.  The result was so wonderful, that I decided to follow my passion and change my career from Biostatistician to become a certified Montessori teacher.  This way, not only do I help young children advance at the very early and critical stages of life, but also I get the satisfaction of teaching them and being involved and witnessing their day to day growth.”

Assistant Teachers

Mrs. Brittney

Assistant Teacher, Bachelor's Elementary Education, University of Wyoming

Mrs. Molen

Assistant Teacher, Bachelor's Degree, Montessori Certification

Mrs. Nahid

Assistant Teacher,
11 years experience in Montessori teaching

Mrs. Brandi

Assistant Teacher, Associate in Science

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